009 Hesitation

Why do suppliers sell and loads of people fit 009 distributors the flat spot hesitation is a real pain, it makes driving in traffic or at junction really unpleasant. I am going back to stock much better, unless anyone knows how to alter the 009 to get rid of this hesitation. Just can’t understand why its such a popular dizzy. i see Heritage have started to sell new vacuum advance dizzies again this must be the way to go.

PS anyone want to buy a hardly used just fitted 009? its crap!

ive had no problems with mine are you sure you have it set correctly

Possible carburetion/intake probs

Are you running a stock carb? loads of people fit them because they’re a cheap solution. There are things that can be done depending on your setup

They are renowned for causing flat spots in traffic and from a standing start, there seem to be plenty of web pages explaining this and in fact critism. The best distributor you can fit for everyday driving is the vacumm advance and centrifugal advance one, Heritage have now started to sell them again at £50 for a repro or £100 for genuine Bosch, this is the way to go. There are no air leaks or carb problems the engine is a new Vege with 7000 miles on it. The 009 is going on e Bay.
Thanks for your replies, i wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy one and i think suppliers should be specifying that they can and do cause flat spot problems.

I’d agree a 009 dissy doesn’t always improve the running of a stock engine. It also depends on carb, cam, exhaust and timing set-up though. In my experience, the easiest way to introduce a flat-spot to a ‘stock’ engine is to change the exhaust for a ‘sports’ one! The loss of exhaust back pressure alone soon makes smooth town driving a bit of a chore…
A 009 is recommended in most cases for people switching to dual carbs where a reliable vacuum take off is not always possible. However, with dual carbs and a tuned exhaust, a cam upgrade is also usually recommended. So, everything you modify affects something else down the line.
For now, I prefer an 050 dissy as it has dual counterweight springs, a smoother advance and no built-in retard for #3 spark. One day soon though, I hope to bin the museum sh!te and fit fully mapped electronic ignition with fuel injection… :slight_smile: