1200 beetle

some pics of my first beetle

1970 1200 bought off here 2 years ago

stripped and off to blasters

WOW thats a bit of a transformation. Good luck with the rest of the resto


Wow that is looking great - lot’s of hard work but well worth the effort.

Building as wedding present 8 weeks yesterday till big day
Hope a can have near completed atleast to give her not gona have the money to finish interior etc but that can be finished off anytime

very nice

Wow! What a transformation, looks ace.

Thanks folks

Shell now back on chassis after 2 years will get some more pics up soon

Edited to show pics

Looking good keep the progress pics coming

Perfect wondered why they weren’t coming up, cheers

Well work kinda stopped for a while but back on track now with deadline set for before volksfling mk1. Interior just been done in red basket weave. And have been filling my bedroom with goodies

New carpet set in Oatmeal
2 and 3 point beige wolfburg seat belts
56 delux chrome fog light
Bamboo parcel shelf
1" banded steels for rear

Also dropped spindles with 2 " narrowed beam thanks to metalbasher
Hopefully will make good progress over next few weeks

Keep the photos coming!

Will get pics up soon as wee start working through the pile of goodies

looking good, class finish.

Very nice

Great colour, looking good. Personally I don’t like eyebrows except on sloping lamps, but each to there own.

Hi their off the car been a lot of updates since those photos and will get some up soon
Here a wee snap at its present home in coco kustoms


I really do like