1302LS gearbox for sale

this gearbox has lay for a while but worked before storage. it still has shafts, wheels etc.


Alex £500 to you :lol:

Ah but I’ve already got a spare one mate! :smiley:
Just as well when you look at the prices some folk are charging eh…? :wink:

so if anyone wants a free one donated they should speak to you first!


Woah - you’ve made your point!
I never said give all things away for free did I? I simply inferred in the other post that if this friend of yours isn’t a club member, and obviously YOU wouldn’t rip Mark off, then enabling Mark to acquire a few parts as cheap as possible from this guy seems in order.
Everything has a value and “lowest sum possible…” was mentioned - but I didn’t say ‘free’… ever…