1600 cylinder heads wanted

Exactly as the title says, looking for a pair to port so they need to be in pretty good nick. What you got folks?


sorry forgot to mention, twinports please.

I’ve got some if your still after a pair. Say £50


interested, where are you about?

I’m in Dunfermline

Is there any chance of a photo? Are they in good condition?


Not a problem. I’ll take it tomorrow. They’re in pretty good shape just a bit oily but I can bead blast them before you get them. There is a exhaust stud missing bit I can replace that as well


Would i be able to pay/collect them Sunday morning?


Not a problem. I’ll clean them up this afternoon

If you could PM an address, i will try and get thru early tomorrow (8.30 - 9am) if that suits you ok.


Could you make it around 10am or you could pop along to our little meet at 1 PM in Pittencrief Park

I’m ok either way

10am it is. Sorry i can’t make it to the meet - busy in the afternoon. Just need the address!