1956 Oval

Hi there guys just thought i would post up in here that im selling my bug. She was aprils cover car for Ultra Vw and im sure a lot of you saw her at the Biggar show she was the blue oval.I have my eye on something a little more modern so thats the reason for selling.Please check out volkszone under the vehicles for sale section (1956 Oval!!!) i have pics on there.The price is flexible so dont be put off, contact me on 07747 680 837 or e-mail graemekidd720@hotmail.com


Hi Mate

did someone not ask you if you were selling a couple of months ago?cant believe you wait till ive bought another :smiley:

lovely car good luck with the sale

Sorry Mark this other car has only just come up for sale and its something ive always wanted hence the reason im selling up or i would be keeping her for sure… how you doing with the sale of yours?? hope its going well…

Cheers Graeme

ive had it on ebay twice(just put it back on 3rd time lucky maybe?)plenty bids and questions but no1 has come to see it,think if i was down south id have sold it ages ago,still think 1st person that does come to see it will buy as cracking bug,i might need to wait till suns back out next year :slight_smile:


surely it will sell this time?? then again peeps would rather buy a bug at a couple of grand then spend a lot of money keeping it on the road, same old same old eh? it seems to be that the more decent your bug is the harder it is to sell. oh well rant over lol fingers crossed for ya…


offers in region of 6300 will get a cracking bug :o