1966 westie from Rhode Island

with my bay pretty much finished, I have decided to start another project, found this project on. VZI, plenty of rust and fresh air where metal should be, interior is pretty much present and in mainly good nick, as is the roof and most of the metal work above floor level, hoping I have not bitten off more than I can handle, currently giving myself a 20 month timeframe to have her solid and sorted out, plan to keep as much original as possible.



nice love the S042 Westy.

looked tidy, looking forward to watching progress

Love it! Looking forward to this one taking shape.

Got couple of hours this evening, took quite a lot of photos for reference, got most of the interior out, floors in back bit worse than I had hoped, on the whole though nothing really different from expected





Doesn’t look too bad

Done a bit more chopping out, not taking any more metal out before putting some back, ordered all stuff for the cargo door side to make it good, using Autocraft



Nice project you’ve got there


That’s this side squared up pretty well, the autokraft panels were good but profiles on the b and c posts were both out a bit and required metal to be let in, would be nice to move on to the cab section but panels required are pricey so going to get onto drivers side cill and floor next, spot welds along cill are as per factory dimensions, doors don’t fit against cill properly because bottom of frames have rusted away

Proper job, you got the skills :slight_smile:

Looking good so far

Things coming along slowly, bit more work required than originally thought!

After chopping out cab floor and front arches it was apparent a wee bit of chassis needed replaced, a posts needed new bottoms, inner and outer valances needed replaced and also the headlamp support panel, to repair these sections properly you have to cut away bottom of the front panel as well, been using autocraft for most of it but also Schofield for some as well, they have supplied the front arches and can and cargo floors which are all Wolfsburg West, not the heaviest of panels but shape so far looks spot on, next is to do repairs to rear of front arches then trial it all together with doors and front arches in place before welding the front end up completely