1970 bay LHD project westy

Project bay LHD £1200

Has sat in my barn a couple of years after failing mot, mainly on a fair bit of welding to the chassis, also steering idler, ball joint and american spec lights wanted converting to uk. Ive got the fail sheet somewhere and will root it out, but obviously it aint up to date.

Front panel, both doors and sliding door and sill are solid , as are the roof, gutters, tailgate and upper sections of the rear corners. Lower rear corners are filled below the lights as is the o/s rear wheel arch and n/s sill (not the one under the sliding door). Front arches are rotted around the steps. Has useable but dirty westy interior, not sure which model it is. Consists of 3/4 rock’n roll bed, side full length cupboard and buddy seat, but no cooker (would be easy to fit a drop down one behind the passenger seat). Also has original westy cab bunk in good order and a small table missing its leg. Poptop is fine, but the canvas is ripped and would need replacing or remaking, roof bunk bed is all there.

Brakes arnt working at the moment, but only cos i was part way through overhauling them when i had to put the van to the back of the shed. Should be an easy fix, from memory theres a wheel cylinder needed in the n/s front, the rest were ok.

Comes with solid correct 2nd hand front bumper and side steps, also rear bumper and uk spec tail lights, us reversing lights and two schofields rear corner panels to get you started.

Has 1600 singleport engine which was running when i moved it a few months ago, has no endfloat, ill get it started again once i get the time one evening. Gearbox is sloppy, but seems ok and selects all the gears, however ive not driven the van on the road so cant guarentee this.

Cant think of much more, if your interested pm me and ill send my phone number and a load more pics. Im located on the NW of skye about 2 miles from dunvegan.

On the whole its a sound project, far too good to break. A week or two of welding and fiddling about with the mechanical issues and it would be ready for mot. Add a bit of paint and youve a good complete early bay westy… I just dont have the time - too many kids a house needing serious tlc and a splitty to sort out.

hup B)

up for the weekend… :smiley:

Mot fail list…couple of years out of date, but even so its mostly small stuff :smiley:

  1. Side lamps showing amber - due to US wiring lighting up indicators, i changed the headlights to late bay ones and put in side lights
  2. r/h dip beam not working
  3. Stop lamp not working
  4. direction indicator not working
  5. Headlamp aim too low
  6. excessive play to steering idler - still needs sorting
  7. R/H top ball joint worn
  8. R/h front and l/h rear chassis corroded within 12" suspension mount (I welded this up)
    9)metal brake pipe to rh rear brake hose corroded
  9. l/h front hose fouling shock absorber
  10. r/h rear brake binding ( just needed adjusting)
  11. r/h front tyre below limit
  12. body corroded within 12" of r/h & l/h seatbelt reel mount
  13. Windscreen washers not working
  14. L/H bumper damaged and endcap missing ( sharp edge) - theres a replacement bumper with the van
  15. Fuel pipe at rear loose and fouling exhaust
  16. Front and rear number plates insecure

sensible offers considered…come up this week its gonna be sunny !!!

will take £1000 firm for this, thats £200 towards your fuel bill to pick it up… :smiley:

(You can even stay overnight if you cant make it here and back in 1 day ) - cant say fairer than that :smiley:



ok, open to silly offers (well, not too silly!!) - otherwise im ringing highland car crushers!! - be worth more as scrap soon :wink:

replyed to you on west of scotland

I have 800 if any good.


SOLD!!! :smiley: