1971 Westie from Nevada

Bought this camper in December from guy in Newport Pagnell who had imported it but got fed up, he had told me engine was good but it was knocking badly when I got it running, have pulled engine and used the heads on a new bottom end, osr quarter was badly smashed now replaced with a section from FBI, other quarter is badly dented but will straighten, bus was originally Pastel white but has been painted dark Green then primed completely, plan to strip most of this off, have cleaned and painted roof and have new canvas, over next month hope to resist engine bay, fit engine, MOT and register in UK, fit new canvas and strip non VW paint from her, I am trying to do 45 minutes a day on her

Cool looking bus B)

Good luck with the build :beers:

Mind post plenty pics of your progress :thumb:

will be nice, like those cosmics.

Doubt will have time for paint this year, most likely just try and use her over summer and decide what colour to do her next winter, thinking will need to do something about front suspension really nice to step into but no doubt ride will be horrendous

80% of the non genuine paint now gone, no filler or rust but paint original pastel white rubbed through in places, very productive day as my mate chased away numerous dents with his puller, dolly and hammer, Robb finished off fitting up new back quarter yesterday looks good as gold, hopefully get engine bay painted some time this week and fire engine back in

looking good

She is now totally stripped of old resprays, plenty of work to do before paint but tried a bottom panel in L555 Tizian Red, and top section in the original Pastel White, thought I was set on that colour scheme but seeing it on the bus not so sure, dvla man due out this week to hopefully give UK reg the green light, asked him if he could organise something with my initials JBW but he took the hump

That’s her MOT, taxed and insured, process of registering an import could not have been simpler, she’s totally stripped out, all that’s left to do is rid the front panel of some old catty, a bit of pulling and beating here and there and she’ll be close to getting paint,optimistic plan is to have her painted by end of March and all put back together by end of April

Volksfling heehaw.gif heehaw.gif ? :beers:

Finally finished stripping and prepping, dropped off last week, hoping she’ll be painted in about 4 weeks time, lots to get ready in meantime so can start assembling stuff when she comes back, rebuilding the Jalousie windows, finishing the engine and anything else to get her Watertight and mobile are the first priorities




Popped in to trial fit straightened back bumper, progress after 2 weeks is nil!

hairybeansack - 21/3/2013 7:55 PM

Popped in to trial fit straightened back bumper, progress after 2 weeks is nil!

Any further forward mate? :rs

Phone calls not being returned, hopefully i am wrong but thinking things may not end up well

After a slower than hoped for start, things coming on well, I have decided on Pearl White, she was originally Pastel White, have a new Westy canva to go on. Anyone fitted one before?

Good work…keep it up.

Bit of a hold up as I’ve changed my mind on colour was set to be Pearl White, now pretty certain it’s going to be Neptune Blue, painters having to d a bit more prep as Dark(ish) blue wont be as forgiving to blemishes, earlybay forum has been great for getting odd genuine bits and pieces, lots of bits ready to bolt back on now

Can’t wait to see it mate :slight_smile:

My plates arrived this morning,got the nice frame for the rear, started resto work on the Westy wardrobe last night. There was a lot of mould and mank inside but mostly scraping and sanding clean, wish I’d taken a photo when I started,


Popped in to see painter tonight, the preparation work looks superb ad I am quite happy it will be a very nice job and worth waiting for, I have decided not to go with Pearl White or Neptune Blue, excited about prospect of seeing her in colour

I think the pink over lime green will.look fantastic don’t you listen to anyone else go with what you want