1972 beetle 1300a, silver,cream leather interior.

1972 beetle 1300a silver cream leather interior, alloy wheels .Have had to down size all my vehicles as am not able to crawl about under them now…
have a disc brake front beam to go with this was going to convert from the current drums setup.
Has lots of extra bits ,wooden steering wheel , and matching door accesssories also kameo stuff…tinted rear lights.stereo fitted inside glove box.
Have cut the front clip off , requires new clip welded on ,wings need bolting back on also.{ provided.[ Have the remains of another beetle rescued with the help of seamonsta…you can have also.So if you can weld this would be for you.off till next tues if you want any details. £1200.00 Davie.

had a look at the spares: all in silver too, bonnet , engine lid, 2 rear wings with lights , 2 front wings with lights , Complete engine with no end float , has a newish clutch , gearbox with drive shafts attatched ,brake parts , dals and guages, the rest are all the other small bits.