2006 Volkswagen Model Range

OK, as we haven’t had a poll in a while…
Yesterday I received “The Range” - a satin smooth catalogue from VW Information Services of the current model range. I haven’t had one of these brochures for years, and appreciated the smart, simple, concise layout. Hell, it even smelled good! Are VW using pheromone saturated paper to entice us to the showrooms I wonder?
Anyway, the poll is: If you absolutely had to buy a brand new VW, with your own money, which one would it be? There are three relevant get out clauses, but I am NOT going to list here the obvious option of spending whatever cash you had on your current air-cooled project, another used car, or Bentleys and Lambos!
NB. The Eos (Folding Hard Top Cabriolet) & Transporter were not listed in the brochure, but I’ve included them anyway.
Go on - allow yourself a bit of fantasy car showroom browsing…! :smiley:

I’ve replied by choosing a R32 but to be honest none of the above float my boat!! over priced and well over rated :zip
now if they were to bring out the concept microbus they did a while back…i’d buy that!!!

Are we allowed more than one choice, not sured i’d pick any if them :think

i would have the transporter hands down.

See Mark has voted for New Beetle!!! :lol:

i cant find the button for the new civic? :think :smiley:

does the new beetle come in pink then ??



ask martyn :lol: he was trying to tell sloans it was for his wife


cant believe if you had to buy people would fork out for r32

the poll question was “If you absolutely had to buy a brand new VW, with your own money, which one would it be?”
I wouldn’t buy any brand new VW they are all well overpriced (and crap), but if I had to use my own money to buy one it would be a good un. the only fast, good looking and cool VW available just now is the R32 which is yes… not a bargain but then again no new VW is!!! I was havin a bother deciding if it was better than the Seat leon cupraR but I suppose being a VW club I plumped for golf and it’d be worth more when seamonsta lets me sell it :lol:
ps I couldn’t afford a polo at current VW prices anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

buy a seat then its only a polo in disguise

:lol: Lovin the banter guys - I knew you wouldn’t let me down on the hypotheticals…

WTF voted for Phaeton?!? :o
Oh yeah, that was me… :slight_smile:
Well, I figured that if I’m EVER gonna be able to afford a NEW car, I’m obviously gonna be a MILLIONAIRE anyway, and so fast and loose with the money, I’ll just buy the maddest new Volkswagen there is…
200 MPH (unlimited) and still looks like a Passat - gotta be worth baiting a few cops! :stuck_out_tongue: