5 days and counting...

… and i’ll be wearing my new LVWC fleece, just think how good i’ll look when i’ll wandering round bug jam promoting my club. :smiley: I will won’t I ???

wearing a fleece in the bright sunshine?? (apart from the thunder storms) what you need is a t shirt with the club logo on it. :lol:

bug jam?? does the wife know yet? :smiley: i can hear it now - oh its just a couple of guys,small show,few cars,couple of pints,just a relaxing weekend away,its a long drive ill just go on my own to this 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

You will indeed, I’m going to pick them up (Rhod is on holiday) and bring them along to the blether :smiley:

Beginning to think that a t-shirt would be be a good idea.

If any other members would like to order merchandise then come along to the blether on Wednesday.



Aye and you’ll get it before it starts to snow again!! :lol:

good lad Robert!

Davey wants me to pick his up too for bug jam as he’s doon south playing with the Englanders!

here martyn we could get something extra put on davey’s!! any ideas?? :think

what about good guy :slight_smile:

it has to be something TRUE !!!

as promised fleece jackets were delivered tonight
cheers robert


so what did you get put on daveys fleece