5mm spacers for smiths alloys to fit 412

Does anyone know where I can get a set of 5mm spacers for my 412. Tried the alloys on and they fit fine, just need a spacer to make them contact the hubs, less than 5mm, so 5mm would be good. Secondhand or new, whatever comes first, advice please guys :think biggrin.gif

jim you will get them at halfords

Cheers Sam the Man, my local car parts folks didn’t have them, never even considered Halfrauds, Good Call :thumb:

Halfrauds didn’t have any big enough. I need ones with a PCD of 130mm, 5mm deep. Think I may also need spiggots for the inside, as i’ve just read this is what takes the weight of the car, the bolts are only for holding the wheels on apparently. Serves me right for breaking my no alloy rule.
Any ideas folks, i’m well confused, this is all new to me :think

I can make you a set on our plasma cutter. 5mm mild steel ok? Can cut them in the morning and take them to the dunbar swapmeet if you’re going.

Many thanks for the offer, but i’ll hangout for a set of alloy ones. Apparently my halfords is pants. Been told by peeps, that other branches have more of a selection. Once again thanks for your kind offer. bowdown.gif :thumb:

No problems. If you can’t get a set let me know and i can cut a set in alloy and turn a spigot on them to suit your wheels. I used to make these quite often. The spigot is very important.

Could buy a set of thicker ones and have them milled down to size that’s what I did with my rear wheels on the camper and custom rear discs. Got a set of 1" spacers and had them milled down to 1.3cm to fit perfect.

Just out of curiosity, how much do a set of spacers run at these days?

Halfords = £15 for 2 and Machine 7, hold onto your chairs £50 a pair. Quite a difference in price. 4 stud x 5mm x 130 dpc ( no wait thats damp proof course) whats it called again, something with a D and a C

PCD pitch circle diameter. Do they have a spigot on them or do they rely on the taper of the bolts to hold everythig central (a bad idea)?
£15 sounds cheap ( probably cast, unmachined cheapo aluminium) and £50 sounds expensive ( probably machined from T6). I would have thought around the £25 mark for 2 in machined T6 aluminium.


I would think, if there’s any free movement on the wheel mating srufaces, then it would be a good idea to fit spiggot rings. Next time I get a chance I’ll whip a front and rear off and re-check fitment with a vernier. Could well be that these alloys are multifit and would require them. Some spiggot rings seem to made of plastic, don’t know if this is a good idea. I think I may have to call on your sevices David, to make me a set if I can’t get them off the shelf.
Why do we punish ourselves with these old vw’s :lol:


I’m sure i’ve saw them at my local car parts place, I’ll check tomorrow. 2 or 4?


Lots of alloys come with plastic spigot rings - in theory there is nothing wrong with this as once the wheels are tightened the spigot rings ain’t really doing anything. I just prefer to machine my spacers with a spigot on them. By doing all the machining on each side with one cutting tool you know that the spigot is 100% gonna run true by the mating flange. It’s just good operating practice - i was taught ‘old school’ engineering - do it right, do it once.


think I may need 4, but not sure if i’ll need them on the back :think