63 Ghia Project

Started on Auddreys Ghia the pans need doing tryed to repair them but I’m a crap welder so we have decided to replace the pans and deal with the front beam looks to be narrowed about 6 inches with shock towers cut off, no chance of an MOT in this condition, So here goes

The Car
(Photo Storage)

First job drop the engine
(Photo Storage)

(Photo Storage)

And then remove the body from the pan
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(Photo Storage)

(Photo Storage)

(Photo Storage)

Raised body slowly and managed to pull the pan out.

More to follow.

Pics this time



That is a nice looking Ghia!

Thanks Playford, and thankfully there were no nasty surprises once the body came off - factory underseal still there. New floor pans will be in soon and then just to buy a narrowed beam and a full mechanical overhaul and get it on the road.

More pics to follow.

Any narrowed beams out there? 4 inch preferably… spindle to spindle???


really like this!

Looks like a cracking job so far, great progress.

Lots of grinding and cutting ahead of you, glad I’m not your neighbour…mind you, I’m really glad I’m not my own neighbour :lol:

When you get to the welding, make sure you get everything really clean, including where your earth is connected (most people overlook this one) then get a good high current on your welder, also if you can use Argolight type shielding gas it’ll make the welds better/stronger. If you want any tips about the welding part, feel free to ask me as I’m a welder to trade and am working restoring cars most days.

Make sure you use a good quality seam sealer on both sides after you’re all done, something like Tiger Seal as it’ll ensure the moisture doesn’t get inbetween the two parts.

Old pans off now and fitting up the new ones a bit of cutting and fettling involved but getting their.


(http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b33/samueltype3/Ghia/?action=view¤t=DSCN4057.jpg) :think


OOOOOH i’ve got chills. Very nice M. Gonna be super sweet B) :thumb:

is that the wheels of my bug i wondered where i had left them heehaw.gif

I’ll drop them of the next time i’m passing Si ( :

Looking good Mark. Hopefully I’ll be able to see it when its completed.

Great progress again. It’ll be done by Xmas at this rate B)

Well with the winter over finally got started with the Ghia again,alls ready now to have the pan halves welded in and a mate’s going to hel me with that. On with some of the more mundane tasks of cleaning bits up and giving them a freshen up


Sourced a more sensible beam and am tidying this up








Done a small amount on the body dancinnanagif.gif delighted as virually zero rust found expected to find a bit of work needing to be done but its lovely underneath





Bottom side of Heater Channels biggrin.gif


Good Progress indeed, nice solid body!!

looking fab Mark if you ever get fed up working on your own cars you can work on your old car if you want biggrin.gif

Sure Simon when I retire biggrin.gif

Anyhow flipped the chassis to paint underneath


And started to put the front end together again


Suprise on saturday afternoon my mate arrived to weld the pans in dancinnanagif.gif



Moving at pace agian cheers I’m off to the Garage cheers Brian

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif :thumb: :thumb:

thats looking well good :thumb:

looking good. Narrowed beam, Mark?

You’re not gonna paint the body are you???
If so then you need to hand back the T-shirt you guys won on So-Caley biggrin.gif

Hi Elwin hope your doing well sorry we wont see you at Bug In but priorities are getting the home front set up. No we wont be painting the body just exposing the OG paint on the inside like the idea of it being on show.

Ahh the Best

Mark & Audrey