64 Split

Here’s our new van, bit different from the other one.

Some photos.
Traced it back to USA, so have posted a photo of it just prior to being imported to UK and before its shiny new paint job.
Will be putting in a rock and roll bed. Now need to buy an awning!!!

Back in the USA
(Photo Storage)

When we saw it…
(Photo Storage)

(Photo Storage)

Cool bus dude!!!

Hey mate
Love the new bus
Love the colour
Wot happens to the hotel on wheels :slight_smile:

Hurrah, another split pilot joining the ranks. Top hole old chap. Makes me want to start work on my old crate again. :thumb: bowdown.gif


Another split in the club, yeha!

about bloody time !!!

nice i like 13w…

Like it

Cheers all pick it up Saturday morning and drive it home.

Barry The Hilton has gone to a new home all mod cons no more ( :

Cheers Sam

Very nice

nice one mark, looks a cracker.

splits are becoming the new type25’s! how many is that now then ?

Nice one Mark and Audrey! bowdown.gif

It was making eyes at you, admit it! :lol:
The main thing is, other vans may come and go, but Splits are for keeps! :thumb:
(apart from cassie… :lol: )

seamonsta - 21/9/2011 5:09 PM

The main thing is, other vans may come and go, but Splits are for keeps! :thumb:

(apart from cassie… :lol: )


probably one of the few vans that Cassie hasn’t owned!

Meladean - 22/9/2011 7:58 PM

probably one of the few vans that Cassie hasn’t owned!

LOL biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Having driven around for a few days with big smiles on our faces, and, if Tony Polli reads this - people are waving at us!!! the talk is all about interiors Anyone got any photos of their interiors they would want to post to show the options? Ta. Also anyone got any Deluxe trim they are willing to part with?

Cheers in advance. Audrey

Welcome to the Splittyverse youse two! biggrin.gif

Sorry, no de-luxe trim in my shed, but I can help you plan a modified interior based on Canterbury Pitt style…? heehaw.gif

Best thing is to get these David Eccles books for a few ideas :

I could lend you mine, but I’ve a feeling these are books you’d like to own anyway. :thumb:

When planning any interior though, leave some room for the speakers… :lol:

Thanks Alex, saw the book the other day, not sure if Mark’s ordered it or not. Would be great to have a look at your interior (without the boom boom box being on preferably) heehaw.gif .

Maybe a new post about interiors would be a good idea. We need ours functioning by Stanford Hall (April) so need to get cracking. Full width R&R bed is the only definite so far (and an awning)


You’re heading down the right path with R&R bed anyway.
If I could start a van interior from scratch I would go this route as it definitely gives you more living space up front.
I’ll not be changing my layout as it stands though because of complicated custom extras like the oil-cooler heating system set up in the rear cabinets.
Eva’s bed takes a fair bit of building after being in table & chairs mode, and though it’s possible to brew up on the door cooker with doors shut in a storm, it takes military planning to get it right. You have to get all you need out of the wee drawers & cupboards onto the table before you start boiling the water otherwise it’s gonna be an ordeal… :lol:

Glad to see you guys are enjoying ya splitty
As for a awning Iv got a kyham quickerect and they a exelant up in 5 miniutes.

Khyam Motordome - defo way to go! :thumb:

Excelsior model gives you a good bit more headroom, so I’d recommend that for Mark! heehaw.gif