'68 Ghia

Thought I’d eventually post a pic of my Ghia I bought in the summer. Been looking for a solid one for years and eventually sourced a Cal import that had been in the UK a few months. Colour is pretty horrible but no rot and not been welded.

See you at Biggar in '17.


Ps - can’t seem to upload a suitably sized pic from iPad so if anyone’s really interested, I can email. To explain colour, a bit too close to pink than I’d care for but painted roof black, which has toned down a bit.

Looking forward to seeing it 👍

Email me a pic to info@lvwc.co.uk and I’ll add it to your post

Nice looking ghia 👍

I like the colour goes well with black roof

Nice 👍

Colour looks great

Very Sharp

Neat, nice wheels…

I past you on way home on Sunday heading back towards biggar glad you got the ghia going again was it the pump like you thought ?

Hi Jigs, thanks for that. Yes, was indeed the fuel pump and easy roadside fix. Maybe it’s the way forward, some sort of park 'n ride scenario for shows! All good now and smiling again. Alan.

Love it!