98 polo grill wanted

Looking for a grill and the surround thats under the grill and lights. My nephew got mixed up with 1st and reverse w00t.gif and hence my asking. Apart from the grill and surround the polo came of best thats VW’s for ya but the other car needs a new bumper as it was bent. would be great if someone has a spare

Ta Nick

i have the bottom bit that goes under the lights

Hi Nick,

Got all this front end stuff from a '96 if you need it?
Grille & badge is as new and metal trim is in fair condition

  • unbuckled with plastic end pieces intact, although a few minor rust bubbles showing under the red paint.
    Can bring to Blether tomorrow - agreeable price! :thumb:

Both bits would be great Alex. i’m sure the pirce will be good heehaw.gif seeyou there