A fun morning

Well, I’ve just finished cutting the entire top half of the 1300 that’s in my garage! What wonderful fun it was too, no problem at all. :lol: All that’s left is to resize the rest of the body into manageable chunks & dispose of them :wink:

I’ll be keeping the floorpan & all the removable parts.

All that said I do now have the most gorgeous set of TMI door cards for spongebob in tan which will match the porsche tombstone seats that are waiting to go in perfectly. All I need now is perhaps a beige carpet set & a nice new headliner. One thing though, why the hell do they only make the door handles & sunvisors in black or white, I mean how bloody stupid is that. Perhaps I’ll just fab up some leather straps instead of the arm rest on the door card, god knows what I’ll do about the sunvisors though do away with them completely? Who knows.