about time

hi,im wee fat frank fae falkirk,my bug has finally passed its mot today,not bad it only took five years of major surgery.it still sounds like saturday night bagdad toon centre with all the backfiring,i just cant get these kadron carbs right,might take them off and fit my twin webber,any suggestions.by the way cant seem to join the club online,i will come to the next meeting and join if thats ok,see ya

Welcome mate, glad to hear you’ve got the bug through its MOT! You are more than welcome to join at the next blether, if you’ve had trouble with joining through paypal (see http://messageboard.lvwc.co.uk/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=2477&posts=1) then please let us know what wouldn’t work so we can try to improve the system.

welcome frank, it only took five years ,you’ve got to be optamistic , and now the fun of keeping it in working order bvegins , there is also the hawes inn blether, keep an eye out for it , just over the bridgeso its alot closer for the “over the bridge massive”.Mark :smiley:

Hi Frank, glad you got your problems sorted out that you were telling me about at Biggar, great that your going to join the club to



Hi Frank, and welcome…
im not far away, in Armadale... enough of these Fifers, lets hear it for the west of Edinburghs…

once your past hermi gate your almost a weedgie really eh :lol:

nobody likes a cheeky boy !!

so, are they issuing passports to the Fife massive once the tolls are abolished ? :rasp

we’re considering putting a wall up to keep you folk oot :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the Forth and Clyde Canal was re-opend does that not make you’s lot or the water SASANACKS anyway??? :rasp :rasp :rasp :rasp