absolute nuts


how much fun tho??

Yesss! Pretty damn cool way to get to work in Leith avoiding the Bridge!
Just gotta find someone with a speedboat going the same way… :lol:

whats the chances of having the bbq near a lake then :lol: :lol: :lol:

whats the chances of having a bbq without water :rs

“never soar higher than you are prepared to fall”

philosophy as well then! :slight_smile:

A flying manta Ray, Steve Irwin RIP…

not even for a laugh!!! :lol:

Alex I don’t want to see you being pulled along buy a tug in victoria key 12ft in the air when shopping at Ocean Terminal!!

:lol: No tug I know of will reach those speeds!! Unless you class a ski-boat as a tug I guess…? :wink:
As for doing it in Leith Docks - “Never do watersports in water you wouldn’t drink a few pints of - and expect to live!” could well be a more apposite philosophy… :rs