Accu-fire electronic ignition

I heard about this on another forum. Anyone got any experience/advice on it? :huh:

Yep - nice little unit, and about £20 cheaper than Pertronix Ignitor unit too! Here’s a chap that sells 'em on E-Bay regularly - BIN for £27.50
The main difference is that the magnets sit in a 2" dia. disc on the rotor shaft and activate the sensor by passing over it, whereas the Ignitor has the magnets in a 1" dia. collar that rotates alongside the sensor (if that makes any sense?)

Nope, I’m a n00b and don’t understand anything. But it’s good, yeah? And cheap, I take it. :slight_smile: Are there different versions depending on whether you’re running a vacuum advance or 009 dizzy and do you need to uprate your coil at all?

That kit on ebay will do you & there’s no need to upgrade the coil though it certainly wouldn’t do it any harm what so ever. What coil you using at the moment?

Erm… I’ve not had the IrnBru can off it for 9 years… I think it was blue, though. :lol:

:lol: so possibly the bosch blue coil then :wink:

Yeah, well, that’s what I was getting at… :lol:

cheep and works well not words often used together bot i think i will try this myself i will put it on my list to santa :smiley: