adding pics

am having trouble adding pics, from my camera, doesnt let me attach them to pop on a post, can anyone advise


they have to be quite small in size less than 400kb

thanks jigs

Have you tried using photobucket? If no luck, email them to me and i’ll post them for you.

martyndewar(at) mind replace (at) with @ :wink:

thanks pics on way to you

Download pics from the phone into a folder and edit them individually in a separate photo programme.
All you really need is ‘rotate’, ‘crop’, ‘sharpen’ and ‘resize’ functions to get a good result from a phone camera. Microsoft Photo Editor has these functions and is an add-on in MS Office Tools if you have that?
To upload images direct to a post here, they must be less than 100kB - which is where the resize function comes in handy… :slight_smile:

there you go. :smiley:

thanking you kindly :stuck_out_tongue: