advice on a cabriolet

i have been looking about for a karmann cabriolet beetle and looking for some advice,imagine both cars were in the same condition,miles etc one was rhd(converted)califonian import and other a uk rhd would you be better buying the uk rhd car?would there be any difference?would there be a price difference?is there any advantages from one to the other?also better buying late 60s early 70 or one of the later ones around 78
sorry for all the questions



Saw an advert for a nice late one (Gold 1303) for sale at a flashy old car dealer down south.
£10900 if I remember correctly.

Depends on what your after. Later cars, are 1303’s which are not everyones cup of tea, me in particular, but obviously drive better. Best value for money is probably a late 60s one, but if you want an investment, the earlier the better. As for LHD issue. Obviously a conversion its an involved job. If someone has converted one I would be very careful, as the quality of the job can vary significantly, however, if the car was a dry state car, then it is likely to have less rust, although check the floorpans carefully, as even US cars rot here, due to being left overnight with the roof down. I would say ignoring LHD and RHD issue best to just go for the best car most rust free car you can find as they are harder to restore and cost more.

while we are on the subject i just wanna know what use think i would get for mine
not that i am gonna sell but it would be interesting to see what use think ?
i have a price in my head but to the right person sometimes it can go for more
anyway gimme your thoughts please

for those who aint seen my bug follow the link

around the £50 mark pee j but since im a nice guy ill give you double and aa a “mate” of mine fancies 1 i could maybe even get £150, :lol:
your dad not fancy selling his?not got ant pictures of it?

going by ebay prices around 4-5k mint it and funny money

a couple to give a price guide
this next one the guy was looking for 9k

throw in a pint aswel and its a deal mark :think
both cars r nice.all depends on how much you want one i suppose.they cars are past the 4-5k already
will get some pics of my dads bug but no chance he is gona sell.
his car is nice.all original.needs a spray tho as he has had it about 13 years.few rusty bits on the bottom of the wings but nothing is still solid.