Without sounding off too much, my aerial (which has been replaced twice now…!) has been snapped off again on my boy. So annoying but I suppose slightly our fault for not pushing it down at night.

So…I need a replacement, but want to go for something different but struggling to find something to fit. It’s a MK2 Golf, and it’s wing mounted.

Tried to find a bee-sting type to no avail, and have also been put off by motorised ones. As we keep forgetting to put it down, I like the idea of the motorised one, but have heard they can pack up pretty quickly.

Any advice…? And a good ICE place to get one from/fit it in Edin would be good too. I went to MRD in Bathgate for the previous one but wasn’t too happy with the quality of product.

Cheers guys,


buy a 12v internal aerial. It fits on your windscreen, i had one on my camper and it was very good. Bee-sting ones are usually available at halfords etc but you need to drill hole in roof and run cable along inside roof lining which is not too easy as it will need dropped probably.


electrify you new aerial at night with 240v and find out whos breaking them by heap lying next to your car in morning :lol:

Cheers for the reply mate, and yep, have seriously considered wiring up the aerial/door handle/steering wheel at night to see who’s messing around…!

I really would like a bee-sting for the wing, but don’t think these are readily available by the looks of things. Not really sure about an internal one on the windscreen…I would have to plate over the hole in the wing, which is just added expense really :mellow:

It might just be a good old fashioned key operated one :frowning:


I had an electric Aerial on a bug about 15 years ago and as long as you oiled it occasionally it never broke.

Although I do like the 240Volt option.


I think I might just go for one…I’m spending more getting the manual one replaced every so often TBH.

Anyone recommend a good (reliable) fitter in Edin…? Or anyone on here fancy earning some extra cash…?


I think my Passat wing mounted aerial’s packed in too - radio signal is dire!
Always wanted a bee-sting aerial though, so will probably drill a roof hole and ruin what’s left of the interior headlining. I’m sure it could be done quite neatly by someone who actually cares for their car’s roof and lining though… :rolleyes:

Alternatively, I also use a portable DAB (digital radio) hanging from my mirror via one of them cassette adaptor things and get good results! Mainly cos 6 Music is about the best thing BBC have done for music radio since hiring John Peel…

If I had the money, then I would get a roof mounted one, as they look very sharp, plus would make the wing on the car look much tidier, but alas, with a wedding to pay for (and far more urgent things on the car), I need an interim measure…!