After 25 years ....everything must go

I was once a big VW fan and in 1980s was a WSVWClub member.I recall Willie Bishop who I see is still involved.
I wish to dispose of a load of VW safer motoing,Beetling magazine and other periodicals.I have,vw gOLF EARLY CONVERTIBLE SALES LITERATURE, 4 TYPE 3 MANUALS AND some beetle stuff to rid of.
Alos I have some interesting VW mode;s typ 1,2,and 3 which deserve to go to good home.I ve had 25 YEARS with them.
Alan Martin
Darvel Ayrshire (nr Kilmarnock)

01560 322946 mobil 079 009 20543

Did a review ,
There are some individual magazines but the majority is
3 x VW Audi News (76-77)
7 x VW Safer Motoring (76-83)
7 x Safer Motoring (66-67)
5 x Volksworld (incl issues 1,2,3)
5 x VW Motoring (85-94)
1 x Aircooler zine (1999) ALL THESE AT 50p EACH = 28x 50P =£14
17 x Beetling Magazines (81-82) £1 each = £17 (also very rare)

9 x VW type 1 split -window club (80s) (£ 4 each due to rarity,cover all early ,vintage beetles,kubelwagens etc) = £36

4 x Type 3 workshop manuals ,clean condition (similar Haynes)(£5 each) =£ 20

I have models to for dispose of.
Beetle, I Split window(orange), 1 convertible( black) 2x10 = £20
Type 3 rallye notchback, DINKY £25
Green camper,with opening doors (in box) £ 30
Blue car transporter with 3 'oo’guage notchbacks red,blue,beige £10

Magazines as above £ 87 Models as above £ 85 = TOTAL £ 172 .00

i will include some 60’'s Fact sheets about the 1500 notchback introduction.(gratis )
and Castrol Service chart (gratis )
Some 20 years since I gathered this stuff.Whats a good price for an old magazine ? 50 pence each sound reasonable?
Models are pretty rare ones. The white notch in picture is Dinky I guess without box 25 would seem fair.The other model of a Split camper with opening doors in a box I let go for 30. most other models would be 10-15.

If this is still of interest let me know.