Air Cooled Guide

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Frequently you will find that odd numbers are LHD and evens are RHD. 181 is a LHD Trekker and 182 is the RHD version.
Back to basics, because not everyone knows it:
Type 1 = Beetle
Type 2 = Camper/Van/Minibus
Type 3 = er Type 3s
Type 4 = 411s and 412s, but now also refers to front engined water-cooled vans because VW forgot about the whole Type 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence.
Type 25 = Wedge shaped vans

thats all you need to know for now.

Type 1 - its a beetle
Type 2 - VW vans, split, bay, wedge
Type 3 - notchback, squareback, fastback.
Type 4 - the 411 and 412, not a Transporter.
Type 25 - is a fire truck, but in the UK it’s wedge vans and buses, but to add confusion the type number for the pickup and crew cab models start with 24.

Type numbers come from the first digit of chassis number , Bugs 1 van’s 2 etc.

confusion started when the Germans shortened Transporter to T so…

T1 - split screen T2 - is a bay T3 - Wedge T25, T4 - Transporter 4