alloys - would these fit a bug?

would these fit?
anyone seen a bug running with these?

look ok polished although no centres

They wouldn’t fit unless you’ve got your hubs drilled to the Porsche pattern. I’m guessing your Empi 5s have a PCD of 5x205 (the larger VW 5-stud pattern used on early Bugs and Busses - late Busses have the smaller 5x112). Porsche have a smaller pattern of 5x130. Then you’ve got offset and centre bore to worry about…

It can’t be difficult to get them redrilled, though, 'cause there are literally thousands of VWs running Porsche wheels. Someone here will know someone locally who can do the work for you. :smiley:

thanks ni

im looking for a set for a 71 cabriolet

what about fuchs?would i need work done for all of the porsche wheels?


As far as I know, all of your standard Porsche wheels come in 5x130 fitment so you would need to get your hubs redrilled or use a clumsy combination of wheel adapters and spacers (try Machine7 Automotive for that kind of stuff).

Or, go to Midland Wheel Supplies where they supply a good selection of VW and Porsche style aftermarket wheels in a 5x205 PCD to suit your Bug. :slight_smile:

I’ve got no experience with either of the above retailers, though, so I don’t know how good (or otherwise) their stuff is. I know that MWS were no help whatsoever when I asked them about fitment a few months back.

Edit: Ooh, a 71 Cab… does that have a 4-stud pattern?

thanks again Ni

cheers for the links ill look into it

You could fit them, you’ll need a set of discs/drums drilled for the Porsche 5 x 130 bolt pattern. Machine 7 will sell you discs/drums for £45 each. I would advice against drilling the brakes already on the car as you’ll effectively be weakening the webbing on the rear & I certainly wouldn’t use those wheel adapter plates that you can get unless you’re building a trailer queen.

hmm decisions decisions

think i like fuchs best but dont really want another £200 on top of the price of wheels,plan A was chromed empi 5s they look superb but who nos


im stil in the same situation as you mark
my all time favourites are stil brm replicas.although a set of polished wheels would go nice aswel ahhhhhhhhhh :think

Nah A nice set of fully refurbished 17" wheels with brand new matching discs/drums 4x100 is what you need.

oh did I mention I have some for sale? :smiley:

I saw the post on the german look forums, but after my little spending spree on ebay the last week I’m all out of beer tokens.

I’ll gladly swap for a 1600 engine for poor old Hilda!!!


Don’t say things like that, I have a 1600 in my garage awaiting being rebuilt & fitted into Bob so I don’t need to rely on the old 1200 power. :rasp

what wheels are they martyn ??

Look in his photo album, there’s a pic of em there

they are smiths 10 spokes. They were on Hally’s golf and i bought them for my bug but am selling due to camper purchase. They have matching brand new discs/drums and wheels have had full refurb and good tyres.
£300 quid would by them and disc/drums