Another Edinburgh newbie!

Hi guys,

Seems to be a few recent joiners from Edinburgh and I’m another one! I don’t have a VW yet but am hoping to get a camper van in the next few months dancinnanagif.gif

Looking forward to getting some wheels and making a meet up


Hi and welcome

What type of campervan are you looking for ?

Hi welcome in


jigs - 29/10/2018 8:53 PM

Hi and welcome

What type of campervan are you looking for ?

Thanks for all the welcomes!

Jigs, we’re thinking of a T2 at the moment but open minded. Not sure what we’d get for our budget - about 6-7k and if we’d be better off getting something for 4-5k and spending the rest renovating it. I think our budget is probably not going to get us anything great so maybe a T2 would be unrealistic. Early days yet so we’ve not got our hearts set on anything specific yet - just something that has 4 wheels, a bed and will get us from A to B (and back again) biggrin.gif

I’ll have a poke around the forum and do a proper cry for help! biggrin.gif

There are bargains to be had, I think it might be difficult to get a good bay for your budget but there are plenty options out there. It just depends what you want from your camper.
Best of luck with the search

Welcome to the forum 🖒 you should have a look at t25s as probably get something quite nice for the budget.

Thanks for the pointers guys. I have spotted a Transporter that looks ok - checked the MOTs and it’s had lots of fails on suspension (front and rear) but always passed on the second attempt. Is this fairly standard for a Transporter? Anything else I should be looking at? Thinking of getting an inspection done if the seller is ok with that, does that seem like a good idea or would you guys think it’s a waste of money?

Thanks again!