Anybody fancy a cruise on wednesday?

As the above probably meet local as I’ve got the training on a Wednesday night still.
Say Midlothian about 7.30 7.45 ?
Cheers Nick

In the highly unlikel event I find some time to mot my bus tomorrow I’ll join in

get it done ! im up for it nick

Possibility if I can manage to fit a new fuel filter first

Hi Guys,
Are you meeting at the Steading Inn afterwards?

Yes Mike, were at the steading after the run

yes mike steading inn from 8pm

see you there

That was good tonight I need to get the beetle out some more

yes agreed bugtastic good little run tonight, and DEF need more of them

Yes Simon it was brilliant to see your bug out on the road

I recon it needs a good service though

bring it up and get it done

Next Wednesday night would suit me

sounds like a plan

Hi Guys it was great to meet you all on Wednesday. Just joined via Paypal.
See you next time.

good to meet you mike, will get your membership stuff in the post over the weekend

I keep getting bogged down and not coming to meet or cruise. This is such a great month re the light etc please encourage me to join you!

Well we dont want to hear any excuses from you at the weekend pop down to Biggar and come over to the club stand and say hello!