Anyone got an altenator for a conversion from dynamo

Think my dynamo is on its last legs…red light glows most of the time and is putting out about 12.5 volts.

Anyone got an alternator, backing plate stand etc that i can use for a conversion? Its for a 1600TP on my latebay.


Now properly broken and producing 0.9 volts now…opps.

there still one on a beetle at loanhead scrappy if any use

Would do, if i can get one this weekend would be great, if not a case of fitting a dynamo i have in the shed and hoping it works…

Any ideas if they are open tomorrow? Have you got a phone number, bit of a trek if its gone…


def open sunday from ten, all i know is the number starts 0131 440 ??? sorry used to be called a1 breakers i think try

A1 Auto Breakers
1 Ramsey Colliery, Engine Rd, Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9RF
Tel: 0131 440 1777

Sounds right, will try them in the morning.

no probs hope they can help