ariel cable

hi guys, just wondered what side the ariel cable runs on my 1.9 TDI?

TDI what? :rasp

Mk 4 Golf 2002

from looking on the net it looks like it runs in the passenger side headlining then down the door pillar.

what site were you looking at?
Can you send me the link?

sent pm

also found this while looking,might be of interest if you were thinking of a cd changer

I’ve been looking in the boot behind trim etc. on left side for a CD
>> connector. I have wiring diagram which shows a 12 pin connector - no idea
>> what shape and describes it as rear left “in luggage compartment”.

>The option for multichanger CD player in the Golfs is ‘in dash autochanger’
>so i doubt you will find a lead in the boot.The cubby hole above the radio
>is where the unit would fit.

Only on the latest MkIV Golf’s. His July 2000 model would predate this

  • I’ve seen a November 2000 model that came with an indash single slot
    CD, with an option for a changer in the boot.

On the rear left, there should be a hinged flap in the side trim, and
behind here you should see a black metal rectangular surround that’s
the mount for the factory CD changer. Somewhere around here, if it’s
fitted, you might be able to find the CD changer cable - depending on
who built it, it’s either cable tied to the CD changer mount, or tied
somewhere really out the way where you can’t see it easily (or not
tied at all, and causing a minor rattle…) . If you can’t find it,
then as someone else suggested it might be easier to take out the HU
and see if somethings plugged in there.