Audi A4 wiper mechanism failure

Last week I noticed the wipers on my A4 were moving a bit slower than normal.
Intermittent wipes seemed to start off very slowly and only speed up to normal again before re-parking themselves.
Then there was a loud thud and the drivers wiper only reached halfway across its normal arc on the screen
and the plastic scuttle trim was moving around at the base of the screen.
This was the problem :

A sheared support bar joint for the driver’s side spindle housing. Wasn’t expecting such a strong looking piece of kit to fail on an Audi! w00t.gif

Anyhoo, one visit to Henry Grays scrappy in Kirkcaldy via E-bay and I had a complete new wiper mechanism for £23.

Not too much hassle to fit, even though I had to change the motors over as the electrical connectors were different.
Everything wiping smoothly again, but wonder what caused such shear forces in the first place.
Even during the recent snow & ice I’d cleared the screen by hand to begin with…


Probably a faulty casting in the first place. Add in some long term fatigue and BANG. Nice cheap replacement though…

Seems the only logical explanation Bob, unless previous owner had given it some unseen abuse… :rolleyes:

Good to see local scrappies are now big traders on E-bay.
Saves all the mucking around under cars piled three high, though nowadays you only get what you pay for… heehaw.gif

Prob previous keeper. Audi/vag stuff’s usually pretty consistant quality.

My bro broke his wipers himself thinking they’d be upto the job of clearing over a foot of snow!! Oh how we all laughed at him :slight_smile: