august cruise

can i suggest that we start the cruise at South Queensferry on 9-08-06

you just did!!!

So its settled then :rasp

south queensferry is a bit too far to travel for me this month ill give it a miss!!! :rasp

have fun tho

p.s. so davey are you the new cruise captain???

is bonnyrigg too far for you jigs still waitin on a windsurfer :rasp

no jigs im just wanting to start cruise from somewhere different, we shall wait and see wat the others think, after all it is a democracy we live in

would you not be better starting from your house? :stuck_out_tongue:

no cant do that cos i think ill be coming straight from work

i will try to pick it up before i go but need to wait for si to get home thu as he will need to see someone about getting a key for unit.

cheers for waste container tho :smiley:

well if this is a democracy as you say then surely we should vote on the captain??


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hi guys i would like to make this one last chance before van goes in to get painted.will you guys still be heading to pc world or another stop off point before heading out of edinburgh.

yes we will be stopping off at pc world after leaving S Queensferry

i’m definitely going to make this one!
which pc world is it that you stop at?


hey phrase, surely there must be football on somewhere in the world :wink:

Yep! South Queensferry is fine wi me (and, as a Fifer, always will be!) :smiley:
Think I’ll go to Hawes Inn for 6.30 and get an early pint of Deuchars in… :stuck_out_tongue:

Whereabouts in South Queensferry, or should I just drive around looking lost -seemed to work at Ocean Terminal but there was less scope for… well, actually being lost.

Hawes inn pub

Yes… yes, that would explain Seamonsta’s post, wouldn’t it?
See you there!


PS Where’s my STICKER? All the other cool bugs have one…

I’ll have a nice Club sticker for your Beetle on Wednesday Sarah, IF you’ll make a wee donation of £15 to the Club (aka membership) which will repay itself many times over in the coming year for all the help and advice you will inevitably receive… :smiley: