Bad for bikers

At least not all VW drivers are as uncaring as these.


Sorry having problems with link so I dont know if it will work. :think

First he gets knocked over by the Bay-driving terrorists from BTTF 1 then the T25 Scambulance nearly finishes him off!
All in all, yer average day oot’n’aboot in Bayroot… bowdown.gif axe.gif

Saw this a while back but not the 25 bit. Happens all the time in these malay type countries. One british tourist woke up in a morg drawer after same incident. Aparently they pile up the bodies in the vanbulances untill they are full (he remembered momentarily coming round to bodies being piled on him) then go to the Morgitol, sorry Hospital.

No wonder they get called meat wagons.

At least the link must work.

:think thats some scary shit that is! :think