Battery dead

Hello Lovelies…

So I’ve not had ‘dave’ out much, however it has been round the block (5 miles) a few times since the 100 or so mile journey back from where the engine was rebuilt (1300 single port). Sadly, every time I go out I need to charge the battery; until now… I’ve disconnected it and only reconnect it when I want to take it a wee pootle to keep it going… It’s holding a charge.

Am I over thinking it, or is something draining the battery when it’s connected?!? What should I be checking?!

Thanks as always…


HI here are few thing you should check . try to get someone who has a multimeter and get them to the battery has 12 volts first then

                                                         switch on the engine and check that you are getting 13.5 volts at the battery

                                                          this will tell you that you are getting the full charging from your dynamo or alternator
                                                          leave the car  for a few days and check the battery it should still be  at 12 volts

                                                         if its less then you have to check any loose cables ,is the radio connected direct

                                                        to the battery if so disconnect it then check the voltage the next day if its lower

                                                        then this could be the fault.

                                                           hope this helps     russell

Thanks Russell. The battery has its full 6v coming through to all bits… I don’t have a radio, so have to sing my own unique tune! Ha!

I’ll attach it again and see what voltage I get in a day or two… Probably zero again! Eep… Battery is only 7 months old!


Its easy to check if you have something draining the battery whilst the Beetle is not in use.

Get a test light or voltmeter.
Disconnect the negative lead from the battery
Connect the test light between the ground strap that is now disconnected and the battery negative terminal.
If you have the light on on the test light or 6volts on the meter then you have some draw from the Beetle electrics and a fault or something on.
Remember when doing this test to make sure the interior light isnt on if you have the door open.

All you have to do then is find the source.
If you have no source you might have a dead battery even if new its a 6 volter and could have been in storage for years they dont sell many of these any longer

Thanks ‘Greasegod’, I’ll try that at the weekend. :slight_smile: