Bay Van looking for mechanic!

Hi, we are Gareth and Fran in South Queensferry. We have an orange 1973 Bay van, which we’ve had for a few years. We used to go to Gary Burgess in Newtongrange but he’s not doing it any more so we need a new mechanic! We are needing someone to replace the big pipe that goes all the way from back to front underneath, carrying hot air from the engine to the heaters. We are also having trouble finding this part on the Internet! Any advice? We also have some bodywork issues (a mysterious water leak that doesn’t seem to be the window seals, and a problem with the sliding door). So, for convenience, if anyone knows someone that can do that stuff at the same location as the mechanic it would be handy! (Preferably in the Lothians or Fife).

Donald Harvey at DTH (Drop the Hammer) Tilicoultry has a wealth of knowledge with Aircooled VW’s. From personal experience i would not go anywhere else.

Donald Harvey . Drop the hammer