beetle bits

have some beetle bits and bobs for sale any reasonable offers???

complete set of glass from '72 bug (flat screen)
3 engine lids (4 vent) '70s
o/s/f sloping wing
pair of sloping headlights
2 '67> petrol tanks
rossi headlights
doghouses, dynamos, rear lights and some other small bits and bobs.

also a set of weller 8 spokes in white ok condition (fit bay)

looking for chrome windscreen trim is it in good order no dints or bends? how much for the sloping headilights

hi simon unfortunatly the window rubbers and trim was in a bad way and was thrown out. as for the headlights they are in good order, but one rim would need replaced as the locator tab that holds it to the wing has broken. £25 ???