Beetle Brake Pads

Does anyone know if you can get Green Stuff brake pads for my bug, I’m keen to improve them a bit to reduce brake fade from higher speeds.

I’ve been looking for uprated pads aswell myself, I’ll yell when I find something decent. On another note, I think I may have found a source for some Talbot Horizon calipers for Spongebob, just need to make sure I get the right year.

Think I’ve found some:
However, I’m not sure of the dimensions, certainly the 2 pins fitting is correct, can anyone confirm?

Keith, you wouldn’t know a high speed if it bit you on the arse…
I bet I have higher average road speed in my 1200 than you do in the Green Mean Garage Queen.


That looks like just the thing, I’ll need to check wether I have the one or two pin calipers on the ol thing though. :slight_smile:

Nick - 2005-06-17 1:59 PM

Keith, you wouldn’t know a high speed if it bit you on the arse…
I bet I have higher average road speed in my 1200 than you do in the Green Mean Garage Queen.

You gotta be doing over 80 for brake fade - unless you’re driving at 50 with your brakes half on…

Can you even imagine Keith doing EIGHTY?

He might hurt his precioussss Berg-equipped engine if he did that…


Another option for you:

Not the “green” type but fast raod anyway, a bit cheaper as well.
Has anyone tried either of these pads before? Do they really help and are there any drawbacks? i.e. increased wear on discs / do they need to be warmed up before they work?

P.S. Maybe if Keith fits a Km speedo he’ll see 80!? :lol: :lol:

What a complete waste of time and money, good quality genuine pads are absolutely fine ni need for fancy crap your just being sucked in by marketing pressure. Harder aggressive pads get hotter and wear away your disc much quicker totally unecessary for any street bug


Hands up all those who have had brake fade on our public highways!

Kenny, those Pagid Fast Road pads are excellent. Never had them in a bug but several Golfs. I believe a certain black Passat has them too…

Alan, I have had brake fade in four different cars. All VWs. All on the public highway… :wink:

Greasegod, “clever” compound friction materials do work. I personally don’t give a sh*t about brake disc longevity, I just want to stop in a hurry when I press the middle pedal at any speed. Tyres & brakes are just consumables anyway!

Keith, however, is unlikely to ever reach a speed where these pads are necessary. I think he just likes the sound of “greenstuff” to go with his (Ford) Java green paint.


And there was me thinking that the whole point in upgrading the brake system was to help a car that was designed for use in traffic 30 something years ago, was so that it would respond in a better manner in todays traffic with many more vehicles on the road & relatively more power easily available to the average joe.

But I suppose it’s true that there are still too many people willing to spend money making their chosen transport go quicker without giving a thought as to stopping it!

64 beetle with standard drums a 1915 engine not a very clever idea

WHAT! Ford Java Green, dont be ridiculous Nick its a geniune VW colour I’ll have you know. As for doing high speeds I can tell you that I have had my bug reading at the end stop of my speedo, admittedly thats with low profile tyres!!! That must be at least 75mph, and you think I’m unadventurous!!! :smiley: As for brake fade I can achieve that with heavy braking from 70mph, thats quite fast enough for me!! so the standard pads are not good enough, as for disc wear I agree with nick on that one, who cares. Interested in Kenny’s suggestion by the way, must have a think about which to go for. Just for the record I did 100mph once, not in the bug though, it was very scarey :lol:

You probably did get to 100 once bro.

When I was driving!! :slight_smile:

Very rarely had any brake fade with air-cooled VWs. Even when Eva was running 1776cc before the IRS was fitted, the single circuit stock drums pulled her up fine, in a straight line, when some nutter slammed on the anchors in front of me at 80 on the M6. I’ll admit it was close, but at M’way speeds it pays to leave a BIGGER GAP between you and the car in front - especially as most have ABS & airbags and their drivers don’t seem to care much about the effects of their random over-braking antics on the following historic vehicle!
Personally, I prefer the legendary under-braking effect felt on most old VW’s (air & water cooled before ABS). Too much brake snatch causes a skid, and is exponentially more frightening than a power slide is satisfying!

i remember driving eva once! brakes it didnt have any. real scary and thats from me

also rhod borrowed you beetle for a weding and had to adjust brakes before he would let karen drive. maybe we have an issue with alex’s braking

Could it be I’m a Knight of the Jedi Brakes and retarded by ‘the Force’?
…or just retarded! :lol: