Beetle clear out

I have a 69 beetle that I have been working on for a few years, but time and the desire for something else have made me decide to sell it on.
I will sell it as a going concern, or split it up and sell the parts.

It is a '69 beetle.
I have welded on a new front, rear drivers side bumper mount, repaired the rolling chassis (new floor pans).

the body still needs some work, but it is fitted with a big sliding sunroof. I have a rear bench seat, engine (1.6 sinle port) + gearbox, red leather VW steering wheel, koni shocks, all the glass, fibre glass rear wings, front wings with sloping style head lights, spedo, a set of unused bugpack pushrods, specialist engin bay repair sections (the ones that go above and around the sides of the engine that cost ~£190), 2 recaro front seats (no runners), 2 sets of wheels (original and a set that would clean up well that are wider, with aluminium hub covers) wiring and the rest.

I will be sad to see this project go, but I am wanting a camper van, so this has to make way for it.

Preference will be given to those who want everything

Sensible offers please

If you want to come and have a look, I’ll make time. you can ask me about it on 07793970750