Beetle door hinge pin remove

Hi I need some help or someone who can remove ream and replave my two lower door hinge pins on my 67 Beetle. They are very loose and need oversize pins. Anyone local enough can do this for me?

Done it myself, it was and is an absolute ******* of a job not for the faint hearted. tried 1st, 2nd oversize too small went for 8.5mm pins in the end and reamed out the hinges. I have an 8.5mm hinge reamer for sale now if anyone has hinges as floppy as mine which where making the doors drop

Only time I did this, I took the door off and clamped the hinge in the vice and knocked the pin out using a centre punch. The door was going to get painted afterwards anyway. Someone on Facebook aircooled beetle group has a tool you can rent, that clamps on the hinge and pushes the pin out.