Beetle doors

The Beetle doors that only have one pice of glass in them, what age beetle they from?
thanks callum

Only split window beetle (early 50s) came with these. You can fit one piece window kits to later cars, but most people hate them after they fit them as they can rattle, and the seals are a pig to fit, plus you loose the ablity to open the quarter light a little to clear the condensation from the windscreen on a damp day.

i fitted one peice windows to a bug years ago they were s**t none of the seals fitted properly they did not wind up and down straight and the lack of quarter light was not great. i would never fit them again as they say you learn from your mistakes biggrin.gif

Too true! :rolleyes:

Fitted 'em once in late 80’s - missed the opening quarter light windaes almost immediately! mad.gif

Coolness factor went oot another windae just as quickly… heehaw.gif