Beetle GT

I have now got a beetle with a huge thanks to Colin for finding her!! She is a '73 Beetle GT, she is tax exempt as her chassis is Nov '72 to it sort of makes her the '72 I was looking for. She came with a full service history, a bag of manuals + paperwork. She doesn’t run at the moment but won’t take much to get her back on the road. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty!!! biggrin.gif

edited to show pics.

looks good looking forward to seeing it out on the road!

Nice looking beetle

that looks very nice

Happy dirty hands Susan, plenty of people in the club willing to help you out.


Thanks - might need it - did my first oil change today!!! Tried to start her but then noticed the braided hose between the tank and fuel line was broken so had a lovely puddle of petrol!! Have bought replacement so will try to fit it tomorrow.

Hope you check all the fuel pipes before you try and start her next time , close escape from fire there I think

nice one, glad i could help…

Looks cool maaan, well done!

Great looking bug get it on the road for summer :thumb:

If you need a wee hand gives a shout

Thanks for the offer - got her started tonight.


Now need to look at the brakes mad.gif


Hi Susan,

GT Beetles are cool! B)

Maybe lacking in the spirit of “GT” performance-wise, but the styling leaned in the right direction!
You’ll meet enough petrol heads here when it comes to take the tuning further,
and we now know you’re brave enough to venture to the Hawes Inn every 4th Wednesday. bowdown.gif