beetle help

Hi folks I’m currently restoring a 1200 1970 beetle I bought from here a year ago and am looking for some1 in the kirkcaldy area that may give me advise on puttin it back together,


Hi mate, try posting your specific issue in the tech discussion section and I’m pretty sure someone will back to you. (Hernandez, Coco, Seamonsta and loads more)… These guys kept me right!



Hi I have restored a few beetles and i know it can be quite a task. First have you done any metal work or welding before.What access do you have a garage with
power.Have you a mig welder and various hand tools ie grinder,drill etc. give me a general discription of the jobs you are thinking of tackling and i might
be able to give a few pointers

                                                    cheers russell

all the dirty work has been done just the piecing together and setting up things like building torsion back up is their right and wrong way wot grease?everything been fully stripped not sure what parts iv got and need

Hi the volksworld magazine used to run various features on different jobs required on the beetle you should log onto

Keeping The Legend Alive  this will bring ip the list of jobs the magazine covered you can still buy the back orders

                                         are you going to the blether on wednesday at the hawes southqueensferry  

                                                               hope this info helps

I can’t make wed take ma daughter to judo,
I will have a look at that

hi - sorry, unrelated to your post!
I cannot work out to send you a reply re the steering wheel but yes - i am interested, my steering wheel is held on by a 24mm nut so if same size, your horn push works & game to partwith it then let me know, ta, Scott