any bugs out there for sale biggrin.gif

still looking(

bloomin heck still looking biggrin.gif

might be worth a call to see if its still there?

Got RHD 62 Beetle 1600 for sale

One piece front windows
Tatty interior
Gene Berg Shfter.
Would be considersed Ratty.
Welding required to Drivers front quarter floorpan,patching to channels, A post and front screen(small area)
Think it needs a new starter, however not got good battery on it so may just be new battery required to turn it.
When started engine sounds sweet
Brakes binding on a bit so would need going through.
Have replacement quarter window

As always best to come and have a look and a listen,it is a sweet looking Bug just got too many at the mo.

Got a couple of pics at present £800 firm



PM sent B)

is this bug still for sale? If not do you know of anyone selling something similar, this would have been right up my street, cheers

bugtastic bought the bug in the picture above last year


That one that lived in a garage in Corstorphine Mark -just off Station Road