Bench Testing a bus engine


I’m dropping my engine out (2L CU) whilst doing some work in it and the fuel tank. I’d like to run in and bench test it before putting back in, but by all accounts I need an old bell housing to sit the starter motor on (or drop the old transmission which I’m loath to do.) Has anyone got an old housing they don’t want or that I can borrow for the purpose?

I’m in Edinburgh, but can probably come collect from further afield.


Can’t help with a bell housing I’m affraid but there is another option available. Altho there isn’t 1 listed at the moment but the guy that makes these also makes them with a starter mount on them possibly worth getting in touch with him.

Hope that helps

Thanks, much appreciated. I’ll chase, but suspect, given I’d need the trolly too, it might get a bit pricy for my tastes.

Good idea though.

I suspect I might end up with more questions on this forum soon! :rolleyes: