benifits of becoming a full member?

hey guys just wondering what the benifits are of becoming a fully paid up member??

join and find out m8

Club inscurance scheme
Discounts from automotive suppliers
Access to the members section on the forum

these are just some of the benefits, being a member along with the rest of the gang is the real icing on the cake

and being able to say that you a member of the No 1 VW club in Scotland

kl mate all sounds good!! would like to hear more about the club insurance scheme please, and also what suppliers would there be discounts with??

the insurance with the club is a bonus for sure and worth joining alone, but theres more the club than that the chat , the blethers,news letters,club stands at biggers and bathgate, where members can sell stuff from , and the chat ,oh i said that already ,events that the club puts on and events that members themselves put together.
just join you know you want too :smiley:

lets face it its only £15 so go for it and find out!!

yeah defo, well once i get the golf put back together the £15 will be put in the post!! got a new head to bolt on, fuel pump to fit/wire up (gonna have to get someone to do that coz im shit with electrics), and then the carb set up and away i go!!!