biggar is on

same weekend same place

Following this afternoons meeting the decision to keep the Biggar show running was made. The show ground is still provisionally booked and with the amount of interest thats been generated by the possible demise of the show, the decision was made to keep it going. Jean and Jim who have been running the show for the past 20+ years have given us their blessing and have offered to give as much help and advice as we can absorb.

Hopefully the Scottish V-dubbers will once again get behind the show and support the only Scottish weekend show dedicated to v-dubs.

Flyers will be produced as soon as possible so that we can promote at Bug freeze and we’ll try and get some artwork and details to you in time for the club mag dave.

P.S. Any ideas for what type of entertainment you’d like to see would be welcomed.

glad to hear it!!

see you there

now you really do have a chance to have your views and ideas for improving this show. please let us know if you have any ideas on improving the show. also if you wish to help please let us know. everyones happy to complain so help us improve the only scottish vw show

ill help out. put me on your list.


Hi moderators! Think this should be a sticky thread in CAPITALS from now on… :slight_smile:

Great news, I’m off that weekend, willing to help with the show.

Look’s as if it’s going to be a good weekend :smiley:

come on moderators this is the biggest thing in scotland at moment a sticky is needed give your support

Hope you guys have seen this post on West of Scotland forum

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I was updating the club details on the ABVWC (Association od british volkswagen Clubs) website and the guy responded with the following. Thought it might help you.

If the West of Scotland are the main organisers of the Biggar Show, and you are ABVWC members, there is nothing to stop you utilising the ABVWC Insurance scheme, if you don’t already. This covers you for the Public Liability Insurance…if you haven’t already, give John a call or email or Tel. 01628 604254.

It’s one of the biggest ways the ABVWC supports the scene, behind the scenes. Also we can give it bigger prominence on our website as an ABVWC supported show…Just a thought…

kampervan - 2006-02-11 10:30 PM

come on moderators this is the biggest thing in scotland at moment a sticky is needed give your support


Davey - 2006-02-12 7:46 PM
Hope you guys have seen this post on West of Scotland forum…

Spotted - looking into it - cheers!

Please feel free to save this image and print out your own posters and flyers:

or e-mail me for a better quality copy jpeg. :slight_smile:

Press Release

From the team that brought you Volksfling comes Volksfling@Biggar

26th - 28th May 2006 Biggar Show Ground

Following the decision by Jean and Jim Walkinshaw to step down after 26 years of running the Scottish Volkswagen Owners Festival the show looked like it had come to the end. Coming close on the heels of the news of the possible demise of the Volkswagen Owners Club Great Britain (VWOCGB) many people in Scotland were keen to ensure that another institution of the British Volkswagen scene did not disappear forever. A new committee has now been formed consisting of many members of the former Volksfling team with some new faces who were keen to lend a hand ensuring that the show did indeed go on!

Much of the tried and tested format of the show will be there along with some new ideas, a greater range of evening entertainment and some new day time events and activities to keep the masses entertained. The show will be at the same venue in the picturesque Scottish Borders on the outskirts of Biggar, with easy access off the M74 for visitors from North and South.

For more information call Ian Evans on 07903938870, email or log on to and have your say on what you’d like to see included in the show on our forum.


Like the poster Alex

aye tis nice but why is the vert facin away?

Well I didn’t actually design it for starters!
I got an offer from Frazer Beer of the ScotVAG club to help out when my original design, featuring a copyrighted artists background, was refused as we weren’t about to be paying a serious commission for a cartoon backdrop, no matter how much I like his album art!
At least Frazer doesn’t expect payment for his work - just a bit of recognition, which I’m happy to afford him!
I think the Bug facing away makes it more obvious it’s a Cabrio, as we’re anticipating a lot of them at Biggar thanks to the Cabriolet Owners Club AGM being held in Aberfoyle a week later! There’s not many cars whose rear view is as iconic as the front, so with a Bug you can get away with it. :slight_smile:

:smiley: only pissin about, ive got a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder.Looks good like, especially for free! no many people would do that for anyone. good guy

things well need that someone may have a source for

marker paint , marker tape, bbq fuel, toilet rolls, 3 big bbq’s, 4 skips, sticky paper for camping passes (sorry dont know tecnical name), fire extinguishers, club teams to take part in some fun events , trophies get you clubs name on a shield to be given as a prize each year

if you can help with any of the above please contact