Biggar Show....

Hi folks, need some input here please.

I know it’s on the West Of Scotland Club, but as much feedback as possible would be fantastic.



I’m glad you posted here too Steve, after starting such a valid topic on the Westy forum!
Regarding an alternative to the Biggar Show, I’m copying here my last post from that thread to gauge reaction and get Lothianers discussing it too:

I have this dream :

A sunny weekend early August.
A good venue, Scottish Borders area, sympathetic (or even better - a VW enthusiast) landlord, miles from any housing, livestock or potential ‘noise’ objectors, with a well surfaced tarmac runway and acres of flat, well drained grassy areas.
Race timing gear & lights set up for a decent tandem quarter-mile run, with safety barriers & temporary grandstands.
Autotest zone - tarmac or grass you can let rip on.
Demo race cars & Fireforce team (natch…)
A good ‘trader village’ with at least ten of the major players in spare, restoration & performance parts. 5% of all takings towards event.
Three BIG marquees: Bar (with real ale & good wines too, and CCTV showing track action and times on big screens); Dance tent (our very own V-Dub mixmasters); Live Bands tent (as many as we can get to play, all genres)
Plenty of portaloos and a few shower units!
Noise curfew? Well, not before 4am anyway…
Quiet camping - half a mile away enough? (within site area obviously!)
Food stalls along avenue to ‘Quiet Area’
At least 3000 paying visitors. £10 per head, kids free, £10 Camping for VW’s and ‘classics’, non-VW group/non-classic cars pay double.
A core team of us (all voluntary for first year) - ten, twenty dedicated organisers and two helpers/reliefs each over the weekend.

Feel free to join the fantasy! :smiley:

“Make it happen, and they will come…”
(or something like that from Wayne’s World 2 )

Having been an organiser of various very small events I can sypathise with the organisers of the Biggar Show, its a lot of work.

Still I totally agree that the Dog show needs to go, what about an open car auction like at Callendar, always interesting to watch. What about some musical entertainment during the afternoon, what about a shared and sheltered barby area so that all the clubs get together and don’t go solo…

What about some good weather


Ideas people…

Oh I did find a Band called Druid’s Brew a few months ago who tour in a splitty and would do the show for free, so I gave them the details of the Walkinshaws.


I don’t see why we can’t do two beneficial things here:

  1. Help the SVWOF Committee run a better show at Biggar, and even Bathgate.
  2. Run a separate alternative show later in the summer with some reciprocal support from SVWOF members.
    It’s not, well it certainly shouldn’t be, about competition between the shows - but mutual support of the Scottish VW Scene!
    I suspect a lot of southerners must wonder why we haven’t pooled our talents together already…

i just gona through this idea at everyone!

There is a glider air field out the back of kirknewton, maybe not big enough for 1/4 mile stuff but just an idea!

Thanks for your interest Willie. The Kirknewton location is virtually ideal!
I tried a contact number for this venue about 5 years ago for a previous attempt at resurrecting Volksfling, but the glider club rep. I spoke to thought the surface was just not up to racing cars. It may well be worth contacting them again as it might have been resurfaced, but I lost that number on my mobile years ago…

I agree, something needs to be done. I’m encouraged by a lot of the positive enthusiasm to achieve a better show scene in Scotland, in whatever form that takes.

Possible airfield sites (posted elsewhere already)

How about Barra!

Barra, that would be class :lol:

Cant see the numbers being there though.

Also cant believe the positive support on this topic as well, I honestly expected to be flamed.

on possible sites what about East Fortune? its kind of out the way and plenty room for racing

Read both forums with interest and found this link when searching for public liability insurance, if it can be done in Northern Ireland surely we can do something here!


I guess anything can be done when there’s money talking! :huh:
There always seems to be so much bling and expensive extras around with these hot hatch and rice rocket events, whereas the V-Dub scene seems to thrive more on spirit than extreme displays of disposable income. However, it would be nice to have a benevolent millionaire or two on our side… :slight_smile:

a vw show in scotland with no dogs thats a very novel idea :smiley:
the pre 67 ford owners club used to have their show at east fortune and it was very good but i beleive the costs of the site just went up and up until it was to deer to have a show there. dalkeith country park is a good venue but i dont think there would be any racing allowed. i think i may have just had a good idea what about east fortune not the air museam but the bit where the motor bikes race.may be worth a try but i dont no who you would contact to find out.

have your say

have your say

Found some old Volksfling pics! :smiley:

I remember the waterbug going up in reverse though…