Biggar wish list?

So anyone got a wishlist of what to get at biggar?
I’m going for a bull bar, some LT mirrors and rear window jail bars (if that is what you call 'm)

I’m going to the bar, veggie burger and perhaps a set of pads - Oh and some tools too!!! :smiley:

SUNSHINE!!! :smiley:

:lol: :lol: No Chance!

purplebug - 2007-05-17 11:15 PM

SUNSHINE!!! :smiley:

snap :smiley:

naked dancin ladies

Yeah all of that but then the bull bar and other stuff as well… :huh:

I am getting rid of some shit. Hopefully.

I’m after a pair of T25 front seat swivels and someone to stash them in their luggage when they come over to Australia :wink:



i’m looking for beetle front bumper with fitted indicators and pair of 1200 rear lights oh also sunshine and those naked ladies mmmm

ive got a brand new europa bumper with the cut out holes for indicators,no idicators with it tho but indicators are £7.something each from euro as i just bought 2 if your interested

thanks mark thats great i could pop out sunday to see your car and buy bumper my mob is 07932538203 if you want to text me add thanks

slobbo - 2007-05-18 11:15 PM

I am getting rid of some shit. Hopefully.

Cool. 'Cause I’ve been looking for some shit for ages!

ask bugtastic he will tell you what to do with your shit!! :lol:

well thats a can of worms opened now lol

nice ,campng food,but i think i would need some sauce with those worms

my wish list is too big, i’ve just put an order in with Status so a few more items come off the list.