As this has been cancelled we are looking towards putting on an alternative show if no other Scottish Club is going to, we are just over the border and are based around newcastle.

Please see thread on and at our own Club Site

Please give us feedback and support or let us know if anything else is being organised

Many Thanks

Nic B-C

glad you got the message Nic




can’t wait to see how this goes! i can just see it, a mile long convoy of bugs, bays, buggies and splits cruising down the A1. (mine being in there :wink: )

so is Biggar dead and buried or has there been any communication behind the scenes from the committes of VW clubs in Scotland and SVWOF commitee, surely the 26 years this show has been going cant just cease to happen, wheres all the coments from the guys who wanted to make Biggar better and bigger

watching this on this and west forum found out that jean is still willing to give some help and that it would have gone ahead if anyone on the committe had stepped up and took the lead.
how about an elected member from each scottish club filling the void that way some of the new ideas talked about recently may be incorporated?

how about meeting in cental scotland to discuss what to do with biggar. we need a show . any one interested this sunday 2 pm venue to be aranged.lets talk and see whos willing ( the biggest point ) and what we can do. The only show in scotland is about to stop so lets help rearrange it. all help needed so show up and have your say

you are welcome to meet at my place
ill put the kettle on
directions at

I’m working at the weekend but it’ll be a crying shame for us to loose the only show we have, so yeah, we need to get together & sort something out, there where alot more posts when we where all complaining :think come on peeps, lets pull something together

AYE cus stonehouse is central :stuck_out_tongue: im quite happy to have a camping weekend when biggar should have been, get all the clubs together, and set a show for next year. kinda show in itself really. show of force.
if you can get anything this year then im happy to help
i can probly come on sunday(tho sat would be better cus im workin til 1 on sun) for a chat. decide where it is :confused: someone mentioned the showcase cinema or sumin think it was on the west forum

Birds & Bees, Easter Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5PB, 01786 463384 2 pm sunday come and have your say. lets see if its possible then what can be done to keep svwof alive

I’ll be there on Sunday.
You’re dead right Ian. We need a Scottish SHOW, in Scotland!

i should make sunday

good idea Ian

count me in 2 Ian

See you there.

Has this been posted by some clever (registered) person on the West of Scotland Site?


We are having a weekend camp to have fun and chat about whats to be done about Biggar :think
Anyone intrested welcome to join us.
The response to my enquiry at the site was,

Hello and thanks for your enquiry.
That should be fine for the last weekend of May, but please book in advance as it’s likely to be fairly busy. The cost per unit per night would be £8 (electric hook-up extra if required).
Please get back in touch if you have any further queries or wish to make a reservation.
Best wishes
Anita Gibson

it is on there site Bob

now would be the time to talk about biggar,

lets see if we can still get it off the ground this year,plans should be in place and jean said she would be willing to help in any way and after 26years of running it in partnership her information should be good.

lets get behind it this year,if it cant happen a camping weekend seems good but this weekend is a chance to sort something out

Scotland needs a show

Just realised I wont make it, am at the Rugby on Sunday… :o


Surely it’s better to sort this now than go camping when biggar should be on to discuss biggar? :zip

spoke to jim he will try and come on sunday. so ifyou want your say come along