Blackpool breeze

Any pics from the folk who went to Blackpool Breeze? heehaw.gif
Good show?? :beers:

Aye good time had,
Nope nae pics

Good wee show with all the attractions of a party mad town just doon the road! dancinnanagif.gif :beers: :beers: :beers:

Challenging weather at times, and organisation a bit haphazard with kids rugby training happening around the vans on Sunday morn w00t.gif
but for £10 a ticket it’s a minor grumble and hopefully the Show will continue… bowdown.gif

Didny get enough pics as camera batteries failed early, but here’s a few…

Have a look on there Facebook site, loads of photo’s been posted there.

Good wee show, if it gets any bigger though they will need to look for a new camping location. Could have done with a few more toilets aswell.